Masturbation Month: Tips On How To Touch It

May is Masturbation Month and we should all be celebrating. As the gross Woody Allen once said, “don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.”


Masturbation is wonderful for so many reasons, but here’s four 4:
1. It relieves stress and releases feel good endorphins
2. It burns calories
3. It saves you from making questionable booty call decisions
4. No one can really do it better than you can do it to yourself.


Here’s 4 tips on how to celebrate:
1. Do it everywhere. On a plane, while driving your car, in your office with the door shut at work, at school.
2. Do it whenever you want. I’m a proponent of masturbating when the mood strikes.
3. Do it with a lover. Masturbation is usually assumed to be a solo venture but mutual masturbation is fun for all involved.
4. Use toys. If you’ve been stuck using your hand your whole life you should really try some toys to speed up or at least enhance the experience.

Claudia C. is firstly a genius, secondly keeps it 100 and thirdly knows about sex. Follow her epic twitter @LiteralPorn and read her blog

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