Martha Stewart Just Shaded Jonathan Cheban on Twitter So Hard

Martha Stewart is literally pulling a Mariah Carey on Twitter rn, tweeting that she has no idea who Jonathan Cheban is.

She has tweeted several photos of him, asking if anyone knows who he is. We can’t tell whether she is doing this sarcastically or genuinely, but who cares because it’s funny as hell!

Jonathan Cheban, also known as Kim K’s bff, is definitely the king of Twitter shade. His replies to some of the heat he gets for basically only being famous via his friendship with Kim is the stuff of legends.

But Martha, who is apparently in Cannes hanging out with Jonathan, is also quite the low-key shade queen. Remember when she roasted the sh*t out of Justin Bieber?

Check out her shady tweets:

Jonathan also tweeted this, saying she has been keeping him laughing for hours. So maybe her tweets are sarcastic? Who knows.

So maybe she does know who he is, unlike Mariah who STILL claims she doesn’t know who Jennifer Lopez is..

But anyways, you should still head over to Martha’s twitter page, as she is live tweeting Jason Derulo stripping down during a show because he’s hot. Oh, Martha, maybe you can cool him down with one of your Martha Stewart Collection Plush Bath Towels?

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