Marni’s 5 Things Women Should Know About Men To Improve Dating

Marni, the man expert, teaches us a few things on how to improve our dating lives and experiences, read up on her excellent tips below!

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You look unapproachable
No man, even the confident ones want to approach a grouchy, angry woman. If you want men to approach you than you have to be open to being approached. Sit up straight, make eye contact, smile and be open to those around you.


They’re nervous and afraid of rejection
I work with 100’s of thousands of men all over the world and the top question I get asked is “how do I approach a woman”. You may think it’s super easy for men to just randomly approach a woman they want and put their ego out there to possibly be treaded on BUT it’s not. Men get freaked out too and are just as nervous about being rejected as you are. So make it easier for them. Smile their way, approach them or even start the conversation. One of my girlfriends went on a date with a guy she met through her friends. Their first interaction was awesome when they were in a group but on the date the guy would not stop talking and was not asking her questions or letting her speak. So she called me from the bathroom and asked what to do. I told her to go back to the table, look him in the eye and then put her hand on his hand and smile. She called me the next day and said “Marni your voodoo magic worked! I did what you said and he immediately calmed down and we had a great conversation”. Guys want to impress and they definitely don’t want awkward silences when on a date with a woman their interested in. that’s a lot of pressure. Letting him know you’re in this together is a huge relief and weight off his shoulders.


They don’t want to be seen as rude, aggressive jerks
Sadly for these men instead of finding a middle road to appropriateness they tend to sit back and be overly “nice” when interacting with women. A lot of men never want to be disrespectful of woman, hurt them or make them do anything that would cause discomfort. Because of this, they don’t take action because their waiting for the women to give them the go ahead. I have a story about my sister in law who went on a third date with a guy that she really liked. She called me and said “Marni, why won’t he kiss me. We’ve been on 3 dates”. I said “he’s probably being respectful of you and doesn’t want to push. So next time you see him, greet him, look him slyly in the eyes and give him a peck on the lips”. This signals that you like him and you’re ready. She called back the next day and said she did what I said and at the end of the date they had a full make out session and she really likes him.


They can’t read your signs
The second biggest question I get from men is what the hell does it mean when a woman does X? Men cannot read our subtle signals. They can follow clear, direct instructions like a champ but subtle female signs are completely confusing to them.


You can approach men too!
I know, I know women want to be courted blah blah blah. BUT you’re probably missing out on meeting amazing men because your waiting for their chivalirious butts to make a move. It’s 2014 and women of this time have every right to approach a man without taking away from their femininity. If you approach a man like a woman then you won’t let opportunities pass you by and there will be no reason to kick yourself later for not talking to that guy you were hoping would approach you all night.


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