AmfAR Gala’s Marilyn Monroe Tribute & Our Very Own Tribute To The OG Bombshell

This year’s AmFar Gala, hosted by magazine mogul Carine Roitfiled will pay tribute to Marilyn Monroe and her historic impact on the fashion world. In honor of the late fashion and film icon, here are a few of our favorite photos of the original American bombshell.

At her most glamorous in 1958, just before starring as Tony Curtis’ dream girl in Some Like it Hot.

At the 1953 Photoplay Awards dinner where she won “Most Popular Actress of the year”.

In 1953, standing on the patio in front of her Hollywood home.

Covering the 1953 issue of Playboy where she infamously posed for a fully nude spread.

A then brunette Norma Jean back in 1945

Covering up with a towel on the beaches of California.

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