With MassRoots Marijuana’s Made It To Wall Street




We live in an age of social media. While it used to be considered impolite to talk about yourself too much or answer the phone during dinner, nowadays these things are completely commonplace and accepted, if not embraced – just like the weeds your parents could never get to stop from growing in the front lawn.

Speaking of weeds, just like social media, marijuana is everywhere now. Sure, Mary Jane’s career in the US started a little rough. She was just doing her thing, hanging out with humans, getting stoned and listening to some records when all of a sudden the government was all, you’re an illegal drug that corrupts sweet kids into brain-dead pieces of human garbage. And that hurt. And it made Mary Jane tough, but after too many years of sketchy co-workers and getting thrown in the toilet whenever the cops decided to show up to the party, MJ decided it was time to grow up and professionalize her empire. And look at the turnaround: weed is now legal in four states (and the district better known as DC), getting rolled up into jokes on comedy programs like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Broad City, and soon it’s even going to be traded on Wall Street.


On April 9th, just 11 days shy of marijuana’s high holy day, MassRoots, which is “one of the largest and most active social networks for the cannabis community,” is going public.

Launched in 2013 by two twenty-something guys named Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight, MassRoots provides a place for social media loving pot heats to “post pictures and comments on all things marijuana, while styling outside the realm of Facebook and Twitter.  AKA from the apps your parents/the police actually know how to use.

MassRoots ran into trouble when it was temporarily shut out from Apple’s app store because the company didn’t “want an app for a bunch of people being high,” however, after MassRoots urged its users to petition Apple to change its rulings, the unthinkable happened:  Apple changed their minds. Who said stoners don’t get anything done?

It’s obviously too early to know how much stock MassRoots can sell, but if the social media and the marijuana markets keep growing at the rate they’ve been growing, the company might just be something worth investing in.

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