Marijuana Is The New Black

Like we been telling you, 2015 is the year of the pot leaf.  Thanks to ever-growing legality and a sea of celebrity endorsements, there’s never been a better time to be a pot head.  See back in the day, if you wanted to show the world that you were in love with a girl named Mary Jane, there weren’t many options.  You could either buy the cheesy tie die shirt your parents may have worn back in the day or you could buy some Rastafarian bullshit you found at that store around the corner from your local liberal arts school. AKA nothing good.  Nowadays, since marijuana’s become the must have accessory for every bitch bold enough to claim the distinction of bad, there’s nothing like marijuana to put the high in fashion.


Crop tops, denim jackets, leotards, pasties, and platform sneakers – there’s nothing that doesn’t look better with a pot leaf emblazoned on it.  Both the market for and the marketing directed towards pot heads has never been bigger, and quite frankly, that’s a smart move for online retailers.  Stoners spend a lot of time at home and frequently display questionable decision making capabilities.  They’re the ideal target for impulse shopping.  In fact, online retailer Dolls Kill even gave their entire site a makeover in honor of the Highest of Holy Days:


Some highlights from their 4/20 essentials shopping section include glittery pot leaf earrings, matching best bud friendship choker necklaces, 24K gold rolling papers, and a shirt that reads, “When In Doubt, Smoke Me Out.”

Since there’s no one type of stoner anymore (and to be fair, there never really was), there’s no one type of marijuana fashion.  From 1991 Inc’s Nug in Space sweatshirt to Married To The Mob’s peace loving pot leafs and all the way to MYVL’s reeimaginign of what Disney would have looked like if Walt took to the toke, pot is one versatile model.


Arguably, the one thing all marijuana fashion has in common is an overwhelming sense of whimsy.  Perhaps even more than children, stoners aren’t afraid to wear fun.  Bright colors, bold graphics, controversial imagery – whatever.  If it looks good, they’ll wear it.  Why?  Because they’re bad as f*ck.  They’re not dressing for your approval, just for their own enjoyment.


Sorry Orange, looks like Marijuana is the new Black now.

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