Mariah Carey’s Engagement As Explained Through Her Most Classic Gifs

On Thursday night in New York City, while the rest of us were standing in line at grocery stores to prepare for Winter Storm Jonas, Mariah Carey was getting engaged to her James Packer, her billionaire boyfriend. 

While our RSVP to Mariah’s engagement party at Eleven Madison Park must have gotten lost in the mail, here’s 14 GIFs that explain the range of emotions she probably felt at the time.   

1. Confusion 


They’d only been dating publicly since June 2015 – wasn’t this a little soon?

2. Disbelief


Didn’t he know that divas were the ones who called the shots in the relationship?

3. Nervous


What can you say when the man in front of you is on his knee and you don’t know what to tell him?

4. Disgust


And then she remembered that she had married Nick Cannon after only knowing him for six weeks.

5. Embarrassment


That had been such a fail.

6. Shame


He had been so beneath her.

7. Relief


And then she remembered that her new boyfriend was nothing like Nick Cannon.

8. Elated


Did she mention he was a billionare yet?

9. Satisfied


And that their combined net fortunes totaled $3.4 billion?

10. Stunned


And her engagement ring cost $7.5 million?

11. Blessed


And it was bigger than Kim Kardashian’s?  And Beyoncé’s?

12. Grateful


The third time really is the charm.

13. Emotional


It’s hard to be this blessed.

14. Content


But that’s just the way it is sometimes.

All GIFs via giphy.  

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