Margot Robbie Spent Her Saturday in a “Trashy, Redneck” Dive Bar

When Margot Robbie isn’t too busy playing legendary psycho Tonya Harding, you’ll probably find her off somewhere being the chillest person alive.

Maybe she’ll be relaxing with a casual shower beer at home, posting a picture of herself wearing a kangaroo onesie, or maybe she’ll be drinking pitchers of cocktails and beer at a honky tonk bar in Georgia.

You know, casual.

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On Saturday night, Margot, her husband, and 30 assorted members of the “I, Tonya” cast and crew, spent the night boozing and dancing at the Southern Comfort Bar and Lounge in Macon, Georgia, according to TMZ.

Should you too venture to the Southern Comfort Bar and Lounge, you’ll find poker machines, wood paneling, karaoke on Sunday, Budweiser on tap, a menu consisting solely of meat, and plenty of space to park your semi-automatic truck in front.

Called the “ultimate dive bar” by an Elite Yelp rater named Mary, “Southern Comfort. Is. Awesome.”

And on Facebook, one-in-a-million guy Trey Hollingsworth declared, “This is the go to place when you’re drunk as f*ck and don’t want to embarrass yourself in a normal bar. I love the trashy atmosphere you can be your redneck self. I was very pleased that they let me throw up in their trash can and still continued to serve me drinks.”

Does that not sound like the chillest place to find an A-list movie star?

Margot Robbie, you’ve outdone yourself this time.

Stay frosty.

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