Marc Jacobs Gets Wet N’ Wild… With Diet Coke




Happy 30th Born Day Diet Coke!!! Chin-up and remember, 30 is like the new 20 or something. To celebrate DC’s anniversary, every model’s go-to beverage has nabbed Mr. Marc Jacobs’ as its latest creative director for their ‘Sparkling Together For 30 Years’ campaign. The iconic designer created limited edition aluminum bottles inspired by the ’80s, ’90s and aughties that will be revealed on March 12th.

But, TBH, who in their right mind is even giving a glance at any bottle when the ad shamelessly (see also: FORTUNATELY) showcases Jacob’s banging tatted-up bod?! *Chugs Muscle Milk, bolts to gym* The ad, entitled “Photo Booth Break,” is a nod to the iconic ’90s Diet Coke ad, “Diet Coke Hunk,” in case you were wondering.

We <3 you, Jean Paul Gautier, but we cannot deny our appreciation for this MJ x DC crazily sexy collab.

Ladies (and you too, gents), here’s a little MJ getting wet n’ wild with his Diet Coke for ya.

It’s only the start of Fashion Week, so please try not to faint.





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