Marc Jacobs’ Fashion Show Experience With Beats By Dre

Yesterday Marc Jacobs presented one of the most truly unique runway experiences in NYFW history. Not only did he send his models down the runway without a single speck of makeup (don’t try this at home!) but a heightened audio experience for the show’s sound was provided to the audience via individual pairs of Beats by Dre headphones which were distributed to each show attendee before the beginning of the presentation.

MARC JACOBS Presents his S/S ’15 Collection Featuring Beats by DRE
Anna Wintour with a pair of Beats

“We wanted to create an immersive experience for this collection, like an art installation – to add another dimension to a more traditional soundtrack.We were really excited to work with Beats by Dre, to develop an enhanced audio experience. The idea was to mix the instrumental track that sounds familiar yet modern, with a narrative overlay to play with the audience’s perception and make for a more personal experience.” Says Marc of the one of a kind collaboration.

MARC JACOBS Presents his S/S ’15 Collection Featuring Beats by DRE
Andre Leon Tally wearing Beats

“Last season we started experimenting sonically to add a new dimension to Marc’s show – to create a soundscape. We wanted to build on that and take it a step further; this is where Beats by Dre came in. Marc and I recalled an X ray Spex album cover with the band wearing headphones and we loved the visual of the audience in their own world wearing the headphones.” Adds Katie Grand

Kendall Jenner sans makeup for Marc Jacobs

Could the future of fashion be less visual and more instrumental? Only time will tell.

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