Contour Like Kim Kardashian With This New App


Contouring is a skill that only the most savvy makeup users posess. No matter how many YouTube beauty tutorials you memorize, you may never get the technique down quite right. You end up looking like you drunkenly passed out into your bronzer and didn’t bother checking out a mirror before going about your day. Thankfully, Sephora noticed the issue of shitty contour Kardashian wannabe’s running around, and is doing us all a major solid by releasing Map My Beauty, an app which contours your face for you! How it works is, you upload a selfie, then the app uses facial recognition technology  to identify the bones of your face and tell you exactly where to apply your highlight and foundation. You can select between “daytime” and “nighttime” make up looks, and save your favorites for later! Once you’ve selected your look, you can save the “Make Up Maps” or even share them on social media, but maybe you should save the selfies until you’ve contoured the crap out of your face and look like the Barbie you always wanted to be. Or not, it’s up to you. Map My Beauty will also be enabling online shopping addicts everywhere by providing links to the right products, shades, and brushes for your skin. It’s all about personalization, baby.

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