#ManCrushMonday Nick Lopez Is Hot For Teacher

Mondays suck, we know. No matter how much sleep you get, how much coffee you drink, or how great your job is; the first day of the week is always the hardest. What can we do to make your Mondays a wee bit better? Sure, we could show up at your door with cupcakes, send you a thousand dollars, or show you a picture of your ex looking like a dumb-a**. But instead, we’re bringing you a sexy boy to make your Monday a little steamier. Ladies, say hello to Nick Lopez!


Can you tell us about some of the inspiration behind Teacher Teacher?

It’s about asking someone to help get you through a hard time. I had a great teacher in high school who did that for me even after I graduated, so it’s kind of to show appreciation for that.

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher before?

Every female P.E. teacher I’ve had was pretty hot, so yes.

What’s your ultimate fantasy?

Being able to look in the mirror and see a guy who is hella ripped.

What do you think of cougars? Can younger women learn something from them?

Cougars notoriously love Nick Lopez. I have love for everybody. They are definitely the most experienced so I guess there is something to be learned.

What’s the strangest thing a girl has ever asked you to do in bed?

One girl asked me to tickle her feet in bed. I was like “no,” and then she screamed at me. I was so confused. I don’t have time for that!

What was the hardest part of moving to LA? What’s something new you had to adjust to?

I think people in LA have no chill. I tend to like Bay Area people a lot better, they just are so much more relaxed and not all about “who do you know.” LA is literally like one giant high school.


“Catching my attention isn’t that hard, I’m always thinking about how to catch her attention. I’m not sure how, just be cool.”

What can we expect on the E.P?

5 songs that I think are the best I’ve written so far! I’m so excited to release the EP and it’s crazy to see the singles doing so well already. “Simple Things” is probably my favorite song on the EP and it’s a great summer beach jam.

What’s your favorite local venue?

The Roxy is very cool. I’m going to do a show there soon I hope.

Where’s the best place to take a date in LA?

I don’t care how young or old, you can never go wrong with Griffith Observatory.

What will you miss the least about high school?

I actually really liked high school, especially senior year, but I won’t miss getting a letter from the police saying if I ditch one more class they will come arrest me.

What advice do you have for people who want to pursue music at a young age?

Make sure that it’s something you have to do, not want to do, but have to do. You have to be really determined and you have to work really hard, so if you are not 100% sure this is something you have to do, then don’t go for it.


What’s the sexiest thing a girl can wear?


How can a girl catch your attention?

Catching my attention isn’t that hard, I’m always thinking about how to catch her attention. I’m not sure how, just be cool.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Sarah Hyland. I heard her sing live once, and I was like, she can act and sing and she’s beautiful. Wow.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Is the Lion King a Disney movie?

What’s your favorite cereal? 

Special K because I’m special.

What’s the last thing you bought?

A bucket hat.

Any shout outs for your fans?

Always! Shout out to @lopeasantnation on Instagram. Lopesants fly together!!

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