#ManCrushMonday: Keiynan Lonsdale Tells Us The Best Gift To Get Your Dude

Whether we like to be a damsel in distress or not, there’s no denying that every girl has had a crush on a superhero at some point in her life. Whether it was when you were eight and would steal your brother’s action figures to use with your barbies, or when you were 19 and saw Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, a super hero has probably made you a little bit excited at some point.
You may be a little older (and wiser) now, but there’s still something incredibly sexy about a guy who can take charge and take care of you. Keiynan Lonsdale, who is acting as a young Flash in The Flash TV series on The CW, is no exception. Keiynan’s Nigerian-Australian background and his past roles in the Divergent series make him absolutely crush-worthy. What better way to brighten up your Monday morning than with this cutie?

Ricky Middlesworth

What’s the biggest difference between Australia and America in terms of dating? 
I feel like I’m more likely to meet people from all over the world in America, especially in LA.
Do you prefer Australian or American girls? 
Depends on the girl.
Who was your favorite super hero growing up?
 Goku from Dragonball Z, obviously…does that count?
What’s something that you personally have in common with The Flash? 
The Flash stands up for other people, I believe in doing the same.
We can see from your Instagram that you’re a Michael Jackson fan, what’s your favorite song of his?
I am! He’s the King. No way I can choose just one song. “Thriller” was one of the first dances I did as a kid, and it has the best music video…so maybe we’ll roll with that. I also used to listen to “Leave Me Alone” back to back for hours….so much attitude in his delivery, and the video is a trip.
What other musicians are you digging lately?
This year I’ve been digging some Jon Bellion, The Weeknd, Leon Bridges, Years & Years, and Kevin Garrett, to name a few.
What song does Galore need to add to our sex playlist? 
“How Love Is Feat. Sinta” by me, on SoundCloud.
Who’s your celeb crush? 
I just bingewatched Jessica Jones, so Krysten Ritter. Or Tinashe.

Ricky Middlesworth

You’ve recently crossed over into music—what inspires you? 
I have an annoying relationship with inspiration, sometimes it loves me and sometimes it plays hide & seek. Fearless performers inspire me, people that are at the top of their game inspire me, and usually just watching old videos of Michael Jackson inspires me, because that’s what got me into the arts in the first place. I’ve been writing songs since I was about 13, so I’m happy to finally share a collection of my original music.
What’s the difference between acting for a film and acting in a music video? 
Well, there’s no dialogue for a music video aside from the lyrics that you sing, so as an actor you have to communicate a story with little to no words. I guess because my video for “Higher” was literally just my two friends, myself, and a camera, I could really do whatever I wanted – it’s obviously not that way in film.
You tweeted about a recent Special K ad and its message for girls—what messages do you think are important for young girls in this day and age? 
Ya know, as a guy, I can only go on what I see and have learnt watching from the outside. I have six young nieces that I get to watch grow up. They’re happy, they absolutely love life and they love themselves because they have no reason to believe otherwise. The world can have a huge impact on a young woman’s self esteem, and make them question the things they once loved about themselves, it can even make them put more focus on flaws that don’t exist. I want my nieces, and every young girl (and boy) to grow up limitlessly pursuing the things that make them happy, and placing their focus on solving issues to better the world around them.
Whats the best gift a girl can get her dude for Christmas? 
A Playstation 4 because…um….I don’t have one.

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