#ManCrushMonday: Dexter Darden Reveals His Favorite Disney Princess

Mondays suck, we know. No matter how much sleep you get, how much coffee you drink, or how great your job is; the first day of the week is always the hardest. What can we do to make your Mondays a wee bit better? Sure, we could show up at your door with cupcakes, send you a thousand dollars, or show you a picture of your ex looking like a dumb-a**. But instead, we’re bringing you a sexy boy to make your Monday a little steamier. Ladies, say hello to Dexter Darden from the Maze Runner series.
How did you prepare for your roles in the Maze Runner series?

I just want to make sure I have all my lines memorized, so that I can bring the drama,  joy, and life to my character ‘Frypan.’ 

You tweeted about some female soccer players a bit ago, are you into fit chicks?
Yes, I am most definitely into girls who are active as I try to be active myself. It’s not about being incredibly fit, but just being able to do some physical activity together is always nice. I’m a huge fan of all sports, and am soooo proud of our World Champion USA Women’s Soccer team!! 
What’s something that every chick should know about watching sports with her man? 
Well, that’s a tough question! I guess that we take it all very seriously, and when I have my random outburst of yelling at the TV in hopes that the players and refs can hear me, I’m not crazy…just dedicated.
What are your thoughts on the Drake vs. Meek Mill battle?
I think hip hop battles and rivalries are a dying breed, and it’s good to see some rap beef surfacing again. As long as it doesn’t get violent and remains in the music, I’m all for it!
What’s your favorite song at the moment?

On the radio? Maybe Krept and Konan ft. Jerimih “Freak of The Week.” I’m still bumping Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” album and J Cole’s “2014 Forrest Hills Drive” album. They’re my two favorite rappers making music now!


Who’s the sexiest Disney princess?
Hmmmm…they’re all pretty, but I’ve had the biggest crush on Princess Jasmine every since I laid eyes on her!
What’s the weirdest thing about filming a sex scene?
I actually haven’t shot one yet! I’m interested to see how it goes though!
What’s the most under-rated, sexy thing about females?

Intelligence! To me it’s the sexiest thing about a woman. I was raised by a very intelligent and strong woman, so any girl who can hold a conversation, be strong in who she is, and not be afraid to learn about new things in life — that’s the girl who can keep my attention! 

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Hmmmm…Probably 90’s/early 2000’s pop music! Lol I seem to be a human radio and love all kinds of music, but something about that era just gets the best of me!
What’s up next for you?

Well, Maze Runner 2 “The Scorch Trials” will be out in September, then we start to shoot the third installment! Plus, I’m constantly working on music, so hopefully putting something out soon!

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