#ManCrushMonday: Daniel Garofali Talks Crazy Girls & Going Down Under

Mondays suck, we know. No matter how much sleep you get, how much coffee you drink, or how great your job is; the first day of the week is always the hardest. What can we do to make your Mondays a wee bit better? Sure, we could show up at your door with cupcakes, send you a thousand dollars, or show you a picture of your ex looking like a dumb-a**. But instead, we’re bringing you a sexy boy to make your Monday a little steamier. Ladies, say hello to Daniel Garofali!
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson
How does it feel to have people wearing your merchandise, such as the Garofali t-shirts?
It’s still very surreal to me, but it’s so f*cking cool. How could you not love it when someone tags you in a photo of themselves on one of the social networks with your name branded across their chest. I would never have believed you if you told me that when I grow up I would be selling my own merchandise apparel to places I’ve never even heard of. I’m very appreciative of those who have supported my brand.
You made some funny tweets regarding Justin Bieber the other day, what are your views on him?
Those tweets weren’t intended for me to be an asshole or anything… I was just simply pointing out that he was wearing his underwear backwards – which is really weird, extremely uncomfortable and kinda hilarious seeing as he is the face of an underwear brand. It’s not really something you would do and not notice, you know what I mean. At the time, it seemed like no one who posted the paparazzi shots had noticed, so I felt I had to point it out, you know, as a fellow underwear model.
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson
What’s your biggest secret for staying in such great shape?
There are no secrets to getting or staying in shape. The fitness industry preys on people who believe that there is some magical secret that helps them get the body of their dreams in one week. I live by a vegan lifestyle, but that’s not going to work for everyone. There are still unhealthy vegans and everyone’s body needs different things. You need to spend time to listen to it. You mind is the hardest part to keep in check – you might have to create something to work towards to light a fire under your ass or something that uses or even tricks your mind that you’re not exercising by doing something active that you love or won’t feel like working out – like a dance class or chasing your dog after you ‘accidentally’ let it off it’s leash. Whoops.
What do you miss the most about living down under?
Besides my family and friends, I miss the convenience of heading to the beach after my shoots and castings have wrapped for the day.
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson
What’s the sexiest thing a girl can do when she’s “going down under” on you?
So many things. Keeping it gentlemanly though, I would say that the sexiest thing, above all, is when you know the girl is enjoying it just…no, nearly as much as you are. I think you can tell if a girl is getting off on it or not – the way its performed, the way she sounds, the way she touches you, but especially herself while she is “going down under”. I think maybe there is a social stigma, thanks to pop culture, that girls aren’t supposed to like it or that they should be using it as a tool, pun intended, to get something they want beyond the bedroom. That’s probably the last thing a guy wants. We go down under because we enjoy it and like to please. It’s hot when a girl feels the same way.
What’s the biggest difference between Australian girls and American girls?
Say we were out at a bar and we were talking off of first impression, I think the biggest difference you would notice is that Australian girls are more chilled out and friendly to guys and American girls can be more out-going and more forward to guys. Both can be a positive and negative thing and, of course, are circumstantial to the person and the situation. Australian girls have more of an easy-going approach but require more of a chase to fight for any attention whereas American girls we make the first move, but can sometimes have no mystery to them leaving no desire for the guy to pursue.
These questions are going to get me in the bad books.
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson
Which do you like better? Or another ethnicity of girls completely?
I don’t think there is a “better” in this but I think anything foreign is always sexy.
Do blondes really have more fun?
After dying my hair blonde for a recent shoot, I can safely say you don’t have more fun directly, but I see how it could lead to it. Unfortunately, like a lot of things, hair colour has stereotypes and people pursue others with certain colours for different reasons. Some reasons are more fun than others.
What’s the craziest thing a girl/fan has done for you?
I wouldn’t say it’s crazy, but I get a lot of nudes sent via Instagram and Snapchat. On the fetish side, I’ve gotten asked about my feet a fair bit…and if they can buy my socks and shoes. I thought it was pretty sweet when one girl wrote me into her published series of novels as the male lead character. This is heavy, but once had someone sent me pictures of their self-inflicted cuts threatening to kill themselves if I didn’t talk to them. That was tough.
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson 
Why do you think girls get a rep for being “crazy?”
 I feel like no girl is going to want anything to do with me after this interview…
This is a generalization, but girls think about things…a lot. When you’re inside your head too much, things start to unravel and go off onto a tangent that is so far from the truth that its hard to un-think these things. Guys just don’t overthink things. If it’s happened, it’s happened and if it’s done, it’s done.
If we were to ask your ex-girlfriend about you, what would she say?
I’m still cool with my ex so I just asked her to be truly honest. This is what she said:
“I would say, awwwww Daniel. Drives me bananas, but we are cool, it’s really nice seeing him whenever we get a chance to catch up. I’m proud of all the things he’s doing 🙂 “
That wasn’t so bad.
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson
What’s your favorite location to shoot?
No doubt in the world, best location to shoot is the beach. I don’t think I need to explain why.
Where would you take a girl on a dream-date?
Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.
Photo Credit: Stephen Busken Stylist: Monty Jackson
Choose one:
Bars or clubs? Bars
Beer or wine? Wine
Protein shakes or Energy drinks? Protein shakes
Doggy style or girl on top? Doggy Style
Rock n roll or hip hop? Hip Hop
Leather or lace? Leather

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