I Don’t Need A Man Who’s Embarrassed Of Me


For some reason, men are intimidated by women who have an opinion.

You didn’t realize that my mouth is good for talking and not just blowing? Shocking, I know.

But it has come to my attention more and more that there are still a lot of men out there who can’t handle a strong woman. And I understand that people still want to feel needed, especially dudes, but that doesn’t give them any right to hold us back from pushing forward.

I say what I want to say, when I feel like saying it, and not because I’m trying to impress a man or make him look good. But because it’s how I feel at the moment about a certain issue or topic or it’s generally something I believe in.

I’m done trying to please a man and fit his mold and perception of who he thinks I am or who he thinks I should be. And if he is embarrassed by my words or actions? Then he’s a coward a not comfortable with himself yet. Aka I can’t put up with that and will most likely move on.



I need a dude who is sure of himself, confident in his beliefs and loves that he has a strong woman by his side. A dude who doesn’t try to change me because he doesn’t see that there is anything to change about me in the first place.

I also don’t need men who try to bribe me with trips or money because I will do that to for myself. But I mean, feel free to wine and dine me, obvi. Manners are still in style.

But in terms of dating guys who repeatedly try to shut me up (only acceptable in the bedroom), change how I dress, or laugh at the remarks I make- it’s not going to happen. Again. Or ever.

Because there are plenty of men out there, yes a lot of them come with unnecessary bullish*t, but the great part? You don’t have to put up with any of it.

So say whatever the f*ck you want to say, go out with whoever you feel like seeing and dress like the hot b*tch that you are. Because even if it doesn’t exist on emojis yet, middle fingers still work in real life.

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