Mamma June Is Queer And Proud

24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Honey BooBoo’s Mom and Pop are having some issues, and Mamma June decided this relationship hiatus would be the perfect time to announce she’s bisexual. June simply stated that she’s had some lezbeonic experiences in the past, experimenting as a young lass, and isn’t immune to the charms of the ladies. It’s not really a shock, like at all. Hasn’t every girl drunk made-out with her best friend at one time or another? If that simple act defined bisexuality, I’m pretty sure most straight girls would start calling themselves queer.

Nonetheless, we love Mamma June’s bi-pride. Who are we to judge weather she “really is” or “really isn’t”? If someone says they’re gay, bi, whatever, that’s their call. No one else is inside that brain/ body and it’s not an outsiders responsibility to try to dissuade someone from their sexuality of choice.

June and Sugar are attempting to work through their issues for the sake of the kiddies. But you never know, they might break up. If that’s the case? “It’s open season. I will keep ALL my options open,” Mamma June proudly stated.

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