Maliibu Miitch’s new single “4 AM” is going to be your anthem

An underground queen accompanied with an achingly true program, you can hear it in her lyrics, you can hear it in her tone she’s here to get a point across. Her presence alone could make your legs turn to Twizzlers, she’s asserting her dominance with a spit game so sharp you’ll need stitches.

Maliibu Miitch kick started her career by paying homage to to the top 5 female MCs in recent rap history. Last month she dropped her first official single, I caught up with her to get the detes.

What is the latest release or project that you’re excited to tell us about ?

I’m most excited to tell you about my song and video for 4 AM.  This is my first original song that I’ve released since doing my own solo music.

What are the three things everyone should know about your music/initiative?

People should know that my music is really blunt, unapologetic … and that I write my own lyrics !

Who’s been the biggest inspiration to you during this process?

My mom. I say my mom because she gets really hype every time I go back to doing my music. Even though, for me personally, I get nervous and scared that I may have to go back and tell her if or when things don’t work out. She’s proud that I’m doing what I love. And I’m just happy that she’s happy that things are really coming full circle and working out for me this time.

This is your chance to give anyone in the world a shout out! Who do you pick and why?

Ok, it would have to be 50 Cent! Because last month or two months ago I had an interview with the site This Is 50… and he was about to come into the room to say what’s up during my interview but in the end he decided not to because he heard there was this big booty Judy in the other room. So he went into her studio instead. It’s probably a good thing because I would have signed my life away to him. He’s my favorite rapper. But I didn’t. [laughs]

What’s your biggest insecurity and how have you learned to accept it and/or tried to mask it?

My biggest insecurity used to be being really small. That was an insecurity of mine for mad long. But in the last five or six years I’ve started embracing that, loving being small and skinny. I actually started liking being skinny when I started rapping, when people started pointing out the opportunities I could have to maybe model or be on TV. [laughs]

What motto did you live by in the past but then realized it didn’t help you?

My motto WAS “I don’t give a fuck,” but then I realized that you can’t go around being like that. That was me being angry and stuff, I don’t know why my attitude was like that. But then I realized you can’t do that — I was only blocking my own blessings, you know?

What’s next for you?

I want to take over the world with my music, so that I can get my mom out of the hood.

Check out her latest single 4 AM below!


Photography by Douglas Segars

The song 4AM produced by Paul Couture

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