Makeup Forever’s Newest Face Is A Breakthrough For The Trans Community


Model Andreja Pejic just signed a major deal to be the newest face of Makeup Forever, and we’re psyched that the beauty world is finally taking greater steps for diversity.

It seems that every week some fashion designer makes an inclusive stride while the beauty world remains stagnant, content to keep using the same stereotypically “pretty” faces over and over. Makeup Forever is a progressive makeup brand, no doubt.

A couple years ago, their ad-campaign “You’re Looking At The World’s First Unretouched Makeup Ad” was the answer to excessive photoshopping in makeup campaigns. Alright, so chicks in makeup ads still look too good to be true, but it was something.

Now, they are hopping on an even bigger issue: members of the LGBT+ community excluded from modelling. Ironically, a crapload of people in fashion identify as queer, but they are more often behind the scenes as makeup artists, stylists, and photogs. When it comes to the featured faces, they are simply hidden.

Andreja Pejic is the first genderfluid model to be featured as the face of a nation-wide makeup brand. Andreja has already walked in a jillion huge designer fashion shows and even shot for Vogue. Hopefully, her new campaign will inspire some other beauty lines to diversify their castings!

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