Makeup Expert Ruby Park Shares Must Try Beauty Products You’ve Never Heard Of

Did you know that the BB cream craze is rooted from Korea? Straight eyebrows, ombre lips, and even highlighter are all beauty trends that started in Korea and have become mainstays in the beauty routine of every makeup obsessed girl around the world. Make up expert and blogger Ruby Park just flew in from the far East, where she discovered bunches of new products to add to her holy-grail list of beauty must haves. Since Galore Girls are always looking for new ways to improve their beauty routines, Ruby did us a solid and spilled on her latest discoveries. Here’s the best in lip-exfoliants, face masks, and even something called a water tint, straight from the epicenter of Asian beauty.

1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Face Masks


If you’re looking for moisture, look no further. This mask is jam-packed with everything your skin will need this summer to rejuvenate after a hot day in the sun. I love this one in particular because it is dripping with all the good stuff your skin loves, like aloe to soothe the skin. Koreans are all about the “dewy glow” and this product will surely give that look. For an extra cooling sensation, stick this in the fridge. You’ll thank me later!

2. Hera Cushion Foundation


Forget BB and CC creams, right now it’s all about cushion foundations. They have a built in cushion packed with moisturizing elements, SPF sunblock, cooling effects to reduce redness, and of course foundation. Again, Koreans love the dewy look so in order to preserve your “gwan”, or “inner glow” as we call it, they use the cushion to maintain a dewy complexion. It gives some major coverage while using very little product. My kind of foundation.

3. Étude House Play 101 Pencils


These multi-functional pencils have a soft gel-like texture so you can get away with wearing it on your lips, cheeks, eyes, or eyebrows. A twisty tube container so you don’t have to worry about getting a sharpener for fast, on-the-go makeup results. I love them so much, I got them in as many colors as I could!

4. Tony Moly Lip Scrub


When it comes to lips, you want to keep it moisturized and well-exfoliated. This lip scrub by Tony Moly not only comes in a cute container, it works magic. I love that you don’t need a whole ton of product to get the job done. Plus it smells delicious! Luscious lips on their way!

5. Peripera Water Lip Tint


Koreans girls love a tinted ombré lip, so these water tints are the perfect everyday wear if you want to try this trend. I particularly love that it stains your lips, which gives you much longer wear. This stuff isn’t going anywhere! If you want to give that slightly stained summer lip a try, this would have to be the best way to do it. Love this versatile deep pink color.

Featured Photo By Dennis Lee

Product Photos By Ruby Park

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