Make Your Man Work For It With This Sex Position Of The Week

What is it about a dude with big biceps and perfect pecs? Sure, he looks sexy as hell naked and shows dedication by going to the gym every day…but the real reason we love buff dudes? Because we know they can throw us around in bed. This sex position of the week, the Pleasure Pick-Me-Up, is a perfect way to give your dude a chance to flex while you get a chance to orgasm.


We all know that guys watch too much porn and try to emulate the moves in bed. However, when he tries to lift you up and thrust, it only lasts for so long before he starts to tire out and you start to slip closer to the floor (and god forbid you fall and get sent to the E.R. naked). With this position, you get to use the bed (or couch, table, whatever), to help your man out. Plus, if you want to take control of your orgasm, you can bounce up and down using the leverage of the bed.

The best part of this position? You get a full view of your man’s sexy body. Thank me later!

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