Make It Rain: 3 Easy Stripper Tricks You Can Learn Right At Your Desk!

Last night, Rihanna and Drake made it rain on some extremely lucky strippers in Houston, spending a total of $17,000 in a matter of hours. If you’re anything like us, hearing that someone make this type of money just for shaking their ass makes you question why you went to college, why you’re at your desk right, and why you even bother with existence. We decided that we’re going to pretty much quit our lives and start towards our new goal of becoming a stripper…and what’s a better time to start than now. Here are 3 GIF stripper tricks that you can start practicing right at your desk (a la Rihanna, no less)!

3. The twerk is one of the most basic tricks a stripper needs to master if she ever wants to get rained on. To do this, turn around on your chair, hold on to the back, and move your ass in an up and down motion, like so!


2. A stripper can’t be afraid of getting down and dirty, ladies! Get down on the floor (all fours, don’t be lazy) and MAKE IT CLAP!


1. This one’s a little more tricky, but we love a challenge! Flip upside down on your chair, spread em wide, and werk it out!


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