Make Your Insides Match Your Outsides With Winter Blues

Let’s be honest. After November 2016, we kind of knew this winter would be sucky, right? But the show must go on and girls all around the internet could use a little glam inspo these days. Never forget, beauty is art and art imitates life.

So why not make your outsides match your insides? A little hair hue inspiration is here to help you feel better about your winter blues.

Short, Shaved and Blue All Over

Very straight to the point, solid blue is for the mood ring hair girls out there.

To have your hair be one single color, whatever the color, is to have a somewhat easy life. If you find yourself in love with a straight-from-the-bottle blue you’ll probably only need professional help for the initial lighting process.

Pravana’s ChromaSilk Vivid Creme color in blue is a safe bet blue if day-glo isn’t your thing — it’s deep and bold at the same time. If you can only be a badass on the weekends, then wigs are your friends. Skip the Party City catalog and go for a good one to avoid appearing clown-like. Don’t be afraid to cut and color human hair wigs for customization and believability. Pair with an equally bold blue lip for maximum art student realness.


Just the Tip

A low maintenance way to add blue into your ‘do is at the ends.

The hair is older down there and probably due to be cut off in the near future anyways. Also, ombre’d extensions are in high demand right now and super easy to install in clip in format.

If you opt for this alternative, buy human hair clip-ins that have a blonde-tipped ombre effect. These can easily be colored on a too-cold-to-party night. Try Manic Panic’s Creamtone in Blue Angel for a minty pastel non-basic blue. While you go low with the blue in the air, try adding blue a bit higher in the eye area. Add a little blue eyeshadow in the upper inner crease of the eyelid for an unexpected color burst.



Nowadays it’s hard to have ‘one of a kind’ anything. One way of executing an exclusive look is to do accent colors. The placement and amount of shades you use will make this look truly unique. Schwarzkopf’s ColorWorx direct dyes are a great start.

Take pure blue color and place it into 3-4 separate bowls. Add varying  amounts of conditioner to each bowl to create 3-4 different shades of blue. Place these colors on pre-lightened strands in your bangs, around the face or anywhere else you think of. Or use them on blonde single-clip clip-on extensions and place throughout your hair. Add a single wash of blue eyeshadow for the cheap seats in the back.


What’s the lesson? It’s ok to be a little blue this winter. You deserve it.


Models: Remi, Ndiaye, Olivia

Hair by Andrita Reneee using Rapunzel of Sweden

Shot by Anna Bloda

Makeup by Raisa Flowers

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