PREMIERE: Magic Wands’ “Dream Street”

Some people might consider all music to be “sound healing” in its own way. But LA’s Magic Wands actually tune their instruments so that their music will affect your brain waves through the practice of sound healing, and we’ve got a new track from them that’s premiering today.

But first a little back story on sound healing: this became an interest for Magic Wands when they were making their first album, vocalist Dexy Valentine told Galore.

“We were trying to get a smooth sound for the record, and no matter what we did with amps or effects, it still didn’t sound right,” she said. “At the same time, we were listening to a lot of new age/relaxation music, and when we learned a lot of it is tuned completely differently, we looked into tuning our music the same way.”

Their music is still written and recorded as normal, but they tune their instruments to a frequency that’s conducive to sound healing. Dexy swears that this “sounds more complicated than it is,” and mostly just results in rich and full sounds.

“It’s like when you plug in a cheap keyboard and start playing—it sounds rinky dink,” she said. “If it lets you, and you know how, it’s possible to adjust the tuning settings to make the same old keyboard have the fullness and depth of a church organ or orchestra.”

Dexy, who’s also in the band Bonfire Beach, shared a new track from Magic Wands’ upcoming album “Jupiter” with Galore. “Jupiter” is out tomorrow and “Dream Street” can be heard below. Magic Wands, which consists of Dexy on vocals and guitar, Chris Valentine on vocals and guitar, Tommy Alexander on bass, and Keith Crutchfield on drums, will also be playing at SXSW and have a US tour in the works.

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