How We Felt About The First Official Magic Mike XXL Trailer (Besides Wet)

1. “We didn’t want to show the best parts”…. does that mean we’re getting full frontal nudity in this sequel? Why do we always get to see naked chicks and no naked dudes huh?

2. I’ve never wanted to be a Soda Freezer in a gas station so f—ing badly.

3. Why can’t all boys dance like that? I am tired of grinding against a dude that stands there like an idiot.

3. Oh Warner Bros, so funny with your puns. “It was very hard?” Yeah, we all know we’re thinking about Joe Mangianello’s hard…

4. Oh my god! Channing Tatum is totally skinny-buff again! In the first Magic Mike he was like almost too buff, but this is perfection. (Not that we wouldn’t take Channing either way)

5. Yep, I am ready to be worshipped… too bad the closest thing I can find to someone of their caliber is my creepy neighbor who keeps tanning on our porch shirtless…

6. #Comeagain? I wish I could come for the first time

7. Where’s my vibrator?

8. Siri- find me male strip clubs in my area- NOW!

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