Celeb Stylist Maeve Reilly Thinks You Should Be Rewarding Yourself With Diamonds


“When working with men I never wear anything overly revealing. I am always covered up, therefore confident and strong,” Maeve Reilly told me. While doctors have white lab coats and lawyers have skirt suits to ensure they remain professional in the work place, celeb stylist Maeve Reilly‘s version of a work uniform comes in the form of mixing and matching monochrome pieces that provide both comfort and utility. “In this industry, you have to represent yourself carefully,” Maeve said. “I don’t need to show skin to gain attention. I actually do the complete opposite,” she revealed.

“Clothes are our armor.”

“There was one time Gary Busey locked me in his dressing room while we were on a commercial, and chose to get changed in front of me with no underwear on!” Maeve reveals, of her craziest experience on the job. “He proceeded to carry on and on naked, running around the room.” The young Maeve maintained her composure despite the nudity that was occurring within ten feet of her personal bubble. “I just remained calm and kept eye contact. He even ran down the hallway with no pants on in front of the entire crew!”

Since then, Maeve has grown in confidence and has skyrocketed in the world of celebrity styling, citing clients such as Russel Brand, Jamie Foxx, and Jenelle Monae as her notable peeps. And what has been her style philosophy through it all? “Clothes are our armor.” A BLK Denim leather jacket, some J Brand jeans and a ripped up tee is all she needs to feel confident, always opting to add a bit of sparkle with her signature stacked diamond rings. “I ask myself, what can I put on to feel comfortable all day and pass by the mirror and like what I see.”

“Buying myself something that beautiful is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.”

And liking what she sees more often than not includes a diamond ring (or more) on each finger. Her favorite luxe diamonds are more than a way to add a touch of glam to her monochrome. “It’s sort of a benchmark of my success,” she said modestly. Why not reward yourself, right? “Buying myself something that beautiful is a wonderful sense of accomplishment.” And since she reps diamonds all over the place, they have become a way to identify her in a sea of people, the true meaning of a signature style. “I love that someone will meet me and see my hands and immediately identify who I am!” If you spy a handful of diamonds, Maeve is in the vicinity.

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