Madonna Invited Katy Perry Onstage To Spank Her, Because Why Not?

When it comes to over-the-top, questionably tasteful displays of sexuality onstage, there’s nobody quite like Madonna. From her performance of “Like A Virgin” at the VMAs to that time she made out with Drake on a whim at Coachella, there’s no telling what to expect from the OG pop provocateur. Case in point: what happened to Katy Perry when she graciously agreed to join Madonna onstage to perform “Unapologetic Bitch” as part of Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour last night.

First, Madonna had her posse of handsome, tuxedoed dancers bend Katy Perry over, before proceeding to spank the pop star (first with her hand, and then with her foot), saying that Katy “had been a bad, bad girl.” Then, she pretended to f*ck Katy Perry up the ass, because why not?

As the dancers allow Katy Perry to come up for air, Madonna takes her by the hand and lets her know, “that it’s not over yet.” Proving that she is unquestionably the chillest pop star in the history of pop stars, Katy Perry proceeds to tastefully grind up on Madonna, while alternately looking confused and blowing kisses to the crowd.


After the performance was over, Katy Perry called Madonna her Mom, and Madonna rewarded her newly-minted daughter by giving her a banana flask and inviting her to take a chug from it onstage. And as any teenager knows, a Mom who gives you booze is a great Mom to have.

Here’s to Mother and Daughter bondage!


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