Madonna F***ed Our Dream Bae Tupac

1. She Dated TupacUm.. excuse us? When on earth did this happen and we can only imagine what their dates consisted of. Stern was surprised as well, although Madonna’s response was only “I think people know, if you’re in the know.” I guess we weren’t in the know back then?

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2. She Claims She Writes Her Best Songs In Mere Hours: While many artists and producers spend days and weeks perfecting a single, Madonna says she wrote ‘Vogue’ in just a couple of hours.

3. She Was ‘Fashionably Late’: Madonna’s busy schedule caused the episode to air six hours later than originally planned. She also didn’t arrive at the studio until two hours into the episode, much to Stern’s annoyance. I guess when you’re the queen of pop music you can show up whenever you want?


4. She’s Got No Time for Basic BitchesWhen discussing her move from Michigan to NYC, she stated “I can’t be around basic, provincial thinking people.” I probably wouldn’t be able to live in bum-f*** Michigan either… but aren’t you supposed to love your fans or something?

5. She Apparently Created Reality TV: Forget ‘The Real World,’ Madonna was there first! When Stern asked if she thought ‘Truth or Dare’ was the start of reality TV, she answered; “it absolutely was.”

6. There is a Song About Her Vagina On The New Album: And her kids are a little embarrassed about it, who would guess?

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