DJ Madds Shares Tips To Living An Eco Friendly Lifestyle On The Road

Madison Louch, aka Madds, is a new DJ straight out of South Africa. While she used to devote her days to a career as an international model, even becoming the face of high fashion solar-tech brand Birksun, she has recently embarked on a new journey–taking her bass heavy beats on tour as a pro DJ. Madds revealed what it’s like living an eco friendly lifestyle on the road, gave us some on-stage style pointers, and even dropped a bomb: The return of DubStep.

On repping BirksunWhen I first heard of Birksun, I loved the concept of their solar charging bags and I wanted to get involved. It gives us a chance to go green—no excuses.

On going greenBesides going solar, I recycle, and I started a fruit and veggie garden in my yard. Now, I get most of my foods from just opening my door! I also am very into saving waterever since I was a child. I never used excessive water on showers and baths. The ocean is a second home to me and I treat it that way: I spend any day off going to the beach with my family, swimming and passing out in my bikini.

On environmentally friendly styleBirksun makes bags that charge your devices using solar power: Not only is it useful for me to have everything charged, but the prints of the bags are perfect for day to day use or traveling from festival to festival.

On her DJ style: I’ve loved music since I was young. My parents had me doing sports and modeling, but I remember trying to teach myself guitar, the piano and drums. I decided to dedicate everything to modeling–it was just natural for me. The last few years I jumped on tour with DJ friends. Seeing the crowd and how exhilarating it was made me wish it was my show. Everyone from around the world on summer vacation comes out to share an amazing experience. Since it’s summertime, I love crop tops, distressed shorts, layers of jewelry, and bikinis. I live in my bikini!

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