Watch Maddie Ziegler Star In Her Final Sia Music Video

With ‘whatever dude’ written on the backside of her palm, and dressed in that short, boxy wig and nude leotard combo that will forever be etched in our generation’s collective memory, Maddie Ziegler is back reprising her role as the face of Sia’s music, maybe for the last time. This morning, “Big Girls Cry,” the final installment of Sia and director Daniel Askill’s music video triptych which also included “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” made its way onto the Internet, through our ears, past our eyes, and into our souls.

Since 2013, when Sia opted to remove her face from her artwork and promotional materials, and invest in a large collection of even larger wigs, we’ve found ourself looking to Ziegler to be the face of Sia’s music. As much as Sia is an unconventional pop star, Ziegler is an unconventional video girl. Neither of them deal with sex or artifice, but honesty, difficult emotions, and an overwhelming sense of rawness.

The video is sparse on setting – besides Ziegler, nothing else exists. She is the music video. Just her, her face, her hands, and her emotions, all of which seem to be desperately at war with each other. Fingers lock into her mouth, pulling at the corners of her mouth, touching every inch of her face, only to plunge her further into her emotional disarray. There’s madness, manic panic, and more than a little magic in Ziegler and the eye contact she willingly doesn’t let go of. She may be feeling things that aren’t pretty, but she refuses to hide any of it from us.  Behind her, Sia reenforces the message (and Ziegler’s braveness) by singing, “I don’t care if I don’t look pretty / Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking.” While less dramatic than the previous videos in the tryptich, “Big Girls Cry” is no less affecting, providing a perfectly balanced mix of pathos and personality to call it a day with.

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