Machineheart’s Definition Of Beauty Might Surprise You

“Circles” is already being declared 2015’s “summer anthem” and Machineheart – the hot indie-pop group behind the hit. But Machineheart is so much more than a beautiful, young band with a summer jam. The group is gearing up for an incredible debut album, summer tour and world domination (while they’re at it). We went on a playdate with stunning lead singer Stevie to talk passion, writing pop music and the true definition of beauty.


“Circles” has been stuck in my head especially since you released the video. What are some songs you can’t stop singing?

Latey, I’ve constantly had Years & Years “Desire” stuck in my head. Actually, most of the songs on their Y & Y EP, they’re just super fun songs to sing along to and I love that about the way they write their music.

Also Florence + The Machine‘s “St. Jude” has been haunting me, in the best sense. Although that one’s a little more creepy to be singing to yourself I think. I mean, if you really want to get in our heads, we just made a Spotify playlist with our fave songs right now. We each picked a few so you get a good taste of what we’ve all been listening to in the last month or so.

What do you find is the secret behind any good pop song? How do you make that kind of infectious and instant connection?

I think as long as the song is authentic and true to who you are as an artist, people are going to connect with it. Honestly, we’re way more of an alt band than a pop band but “Circles” happens to be our pop-iest of songs. We didn’t write it with the intention of being “catchy” or “summery,” we just wrote what we were feeling that day. I think we actually finished writing that song from start to finish that same day. Those kinds of songs are the best because they just flow right out of you and into the microphone. I love when writing is that easy.

You guys are young and beautiful, which is totally a blessing, but do you ever find that it’s hard to be taken seriously or people take advantage of you because of that?

Well thank you, I think [laughs]. I do love this question because it rings so much truth: the outside shouldn’t be the thing that matters. I love that about the old days of music. There was no t.v., no social media, no photos even. Just music. That’s all.

Stevie, Machineheart, Galore Mag

Ironically, I just read an article yesterday about how ingenuity is really in letting “ugly people write their music and sing it,” which first off, I’m like, no one is ugly. I mean, not to be too hallmark-y, but seriously I think that everyone has something unique and special to give. What is “beautiful” anyhow?

Stevie, Machineheart, Circles, Galore Mag

Again, for me it goes back to being authentic and confident- there is something so powerful in confidence. I honestly don’t think of myself as crazy “beautiful” but I love being in my own skin (most of the time) and I like being me. I was terribly awkward growing up but I didn’t really know or care because I was too busy enjoying life, prancing around school in outlandish outfits and laughing too loudly and loving very deeply. Those are the things that matter the most anyhow and I try to fill our music up with all of that, the mess and the beauty together. So maybe some would call us beautiful but we are messy too. And I like that very much about us. My mom always said beauty comes from within. Our souls speak our beauty far louder than these little shells we call our bodies. I love this thought by C.S. Lewis: “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

Stevie, Machineheart, Circles, Galore Mag

What is your biggest high in life?
To love and be loved in return.

Stevie, Machineheart, Circles, Galore Mag

What’s your favorite moment from your recent tour journeys? And what’s something from tour you could totally do without?

Worst: Touring the east coast in the dead of winter. L.A. has turned us into softies. I think we’ve grown spoiled in our constant sunshine out here.

Best would be having people know and sing every word of every lyric to a song. Super humbling to have connected with someone on such a level.

Stevie, Machineheart, Circles, Galore Mag

What does Machineheart world domination look like for 2015? A new record?

Ooh! World domination, sounds like fun! I personally have an affinity for most things British so I’m hoping we get to skip across the pond soon, but really the boys and I just love playing shows wherever and whenever people are excited to have an amazing night with us. We’ll be playing festivals across the US this summer and then touring in the fall. We just got out of the studio finishing our debut album which will also be out later this year. And I think that’s probably what we are most excited for, to be able to share all the rest of the music. Well that, and being able to play it live for our fans. There’s nothing quite like a live show- its an electric and magical experience between us and the audience. It’s the reward after all the hard work, to be able to meet the people who use our music as their soundtrack to life.

Stevie, Machineheart, Circles, Galore Mag

Interview by: Shannon Kurlander
Photos by: Angelo Kritikos

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