Lyndsey Butler Of Veda Designs Leather Jackets With ‘Downtown Girls’ In Mind

Lyndsey Butler, designer and founder of VEDA has become a style crush for girls who want to live their lives in a fabulous way. “Early morning yoga and juice,” reads one announcement from VEDA’s twitter. “Leather and lips <3” reads another. Doesn’t that sound like who you want to be? From leather jackets to dresses with a quirky southwestern flare, Lyndsey Butler designs not only for the girl you are, but for the girl you want to be. Rose Garcia, our fashion director, spoke with Lyndsey for our September issue about how she got started, her inspirations, and exciting upcoming projects (Hint: Manrepeller’s involved).

Rose Garcia: How did you get your start in fashion?

Lyndsey Butler: My first internship out of college was in a wholesale fashion showroom. It transitioned pretty quickly to a full time position an d from there, I worked closely with the owner and really got to see the business side of things, involving production, manufacturing, design, and sales. At the time, I couldn’t find the leather jacket that I wanted, so I decided to create a focused line of leather separates at a designer level with a more approachable price point.

Your line is a favorite to tons of smart, savvy downtown girls, what do you think draws them to wear VEDA?

LB: I’ve lived in the city now for over 10 years and definitely design with the New York girl in mind. I am continuously inspired by the city and its inhabitants. We put a huge emphasis on quality and I’m also conscious of our price point in the market, which I think people really appreciate. We actually just launched a small collection that is made in our downtown NYC studio and is only available on our website and in our Soho store, it’s called the Mercer Collection. The jackets retail for under $500. It was definitely designed with the downtown girl in mind.

What are some things that influence your design process?

 LB: Each season is so different, but I’m usually inspired by what I am reading at the time, or art I have seen recently. I grew up in south Texas, so there’s always a little bit of a southern influence mixed in too. For this Fall 2015 season, I was really inspired by photographs in Rock Punk Disco by Katsumi Watanabe, Tauba Auerbach’s static prints, and Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Texas Rock n’ Roll style.

Aside from your baby leather jackets, are there any other fun pieces we can expect?

LB: Yeah, those are great! We definitely have some other fun things in the works. We’re working on a collaboration with Leandra Medine of the blog Manrepeller, which will launch in August. We designed a classic trench coat and military jacket, both with satin details that we are really excited about. We are going to expand our Mercer Collection each season, so we are deciding what that looks like for our Resort season. And we are also working on solidifying some more collaborations with artists and designers.

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