Scrub Away Homophobia With ‘Gay Is OK’ Soap From Lush

Despite what some losers in Alabama would have you believe, being gay is totally OK.  Duh.  You know that, we know that, and now, even your soap knows that.

In honor of Gay Pride worldwide, from June 25th to July 4th Lush and All Out are releasing a limited edition soap to promote love equality – and nothing says gay is okay like covering yourself with a shit ton of glitter.


All proceeds from the soap will go to support grassroots LGBT equality groups all over the world, and Lush encourages all of its customers to show their support by using the hashtag #GayIsOk liberally (because homosexuality and conservatism don’t always go together so well).

As Alessandro Commisso of the Lush Digital team said, “Gay rights are not an option: they’re basic human rights.”  $5.95 is a cheap price to say you agree.

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