We Have Some Ideas On Who Stole Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar Dress

One of the most mystical Oscars dresses has gone missing! Which one? You guys, Lupita Nyong’o’s pearly Calvin Klein. The dress, which cost a cool 150 thousand, disappeared from the London West Hollywood Hotel the other night where it was basking in it’s post Academy Award glory. No one has been arrested yet in conjecture with the case, but we have some ideas about which celebrities coveted the pearlescent dream enough to steal it from Lupita’s hotel room! Popo, check these celeb’s closets, because they’re Galore’s suspects in DressGate 2015!

1. Macklemore: the man is a self proclaimed lover of the thrift shop – this is just the next step up!


2. Lindsay Lohan: A past victim of the Bling Ring and no stranger to the court room, Li-Lo could easily turn around and burn back where she’s been burned before!


3. Paris Hilton: That dress is totally Paris’s style. We wouldn’t be surprised if she cribbed it just to hang it in her closet and stare at it all day long.


4. Drake: We know Drake is in touch with his feminine side (cough Marvin’s Room cough), so we know if he were to sport a dress, it’d be one as sweet as this one.


5. Justin Beiber: No one comes between the Biebs and his Calvins, not even Lupita Nyong’o!


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