Lucy Edwards May Be Blind, But She’s Also A YouTube Genius


Lucy Edward’s Youtube Channel “Yesterday’s Wishes” description reads: “A place on the internet that discusses everything from Guide Dogs to make-up that bridges the gap between the disabled and the perfectly-abled. There are days when giving up seems like the better option but everyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.”

The teen lost her sight completely by 17 years old, but at 19 has built a solid, unique presence with her YouTube Channel—with 10k followers— all while attending college to obtain a law degree.

Her strength is her ability to making the world of blindness accessible to those who’ve never been visually impaired, and also creates an incredibly unique resource for especially those who are in the process of going blind.

She’s candid and articulate in all of her videos, whether she’s applying cat eye liner or going over “Kitchen Utensils For The Blind”.

‘When I was plunged into blindness, there were no resources for this kind of thing, and it took me hours and hours to learn how to do my make-up.’ she said. “”I’m doing this because I’m determined to be happy, and help other people.”

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