Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust Gives A Crash Course In Hair Extensions

For anyone trying to grow out an awkward hairstyleLove & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Mimi Faust is here to save you. There’s only so much Biotin you can pop until you realize that it’s going to take three years and a bunch of patience to restore a bad cut to glory. Take one out of the black girl beauty bible: weave is the way to go. If you’re entranced yet mystified by the ways of weave, trust Faust’s guidance: she has a new ‘do nearly every week, and she has her very own line of raw wigs and extensions. Here’s everything you need to know before you sew (or clip or bind) ’em in.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT EXTENSIONS: You have to think about the texture of your hair, the blend. If it’s curly, extensions will be more work, and hard to maintain. If you don’t maintain them right you’ll have to put in more work to make it look great. Price is also something you want to consider: it has to be a good investment. Raw hair is more expensive because it’s pure, and it will last you a whole year compared to synthetic hair. You can also reuse it.

WHY RAW HAIR IS RIDE OR DIE: Raw means that the hair is completely unprocessed, another name for it would be virgin hair, so it’s basically the purest form of hair. The hair has never had chemicals in it, dye, or treatment of any sort. Raw hair is from a donor, who is Indian in the case of our Maya line. In India, after the person has donated their hair, it’s taken to a temple where it is considered a sacrifice. Then the strands of hair are bound together on something called a “track”. Once you cut it, it’s beautiful RAW hair.

WEAVE OR EXTENSIONS: There’s no real difference, it’s the same hair. The difference is in the method of installing the hair. For ethnic girls, they sew in the weave, like weaving a basket on the head. Hair extensions are usually used by Caucasian women. Their method is not to sew in the hair. They typically do a binding method, piece by piece adding bits to your hair.

HOW TO DYE EXTENSIONS: You can only do this with raw hair since it is pure. You can bleach, color or strip it. You won’t have a problem since it hasn’t been processed before. I would recommend going to a stylist to do this so you don’t damage your hair or the extensions.

INSTALLING YOUR OWN EXTENSIONS: If you want to do it at home you can clip it in. Our MAYA hair is on a track, though, so the best method is to have it sewn in. You either need a very skilled friend or just go to a stylist.

MOST VERSATILE EXTENSIONS: The long, wavy, Indian look. If you go for raw hair you can do anything with it, use as much heat as you want, or wear it naturally. Wash it and you will be left with soft, natural looking waves.

TRENDING HAIR STYLE: The bob or the “Lob” AKA long bob is definitely what’s hot at the moment.

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