Love Boobies And NERVO? This One’s For You

As if we could get any more excited for NERVO‘s upcoming album release (16 days and counting down til ‘Collateral’!) the DJ duo keep on sweetening the deal. In honor of their first full-length album, the Grammy winners are giving away a chance for one die-hard fan and her BFF to chill with them at what could be the release party of the year and celebrate boobies at the same time.

NERVO teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the party gods to bring their titty-loving fans this opportunity. The BCRF’s proceeds go to tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, survivorship and metastasis. It’s rare that do-gooding and dropping it go hand in hand. By auctioning off a chance to attend their Vegas release party, NERVO are closing the gap.

The auction is sponsored by BidKind, an organization that has been dedicated to auctioning off once in a lifetime experiences like this one and giving the proceeds to charity. They have worked with everyone from James Franco to Wiz Khalifa. The minimum fee to enter is $750, so it’s not exactly affordable for a kid with only a summer job’s income, but hey—this is sure to be the highlight of some lucky winner’s year. And best of all, it’s for a cause close to everyone’s heart (literally).

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