Love 365: Alees and NAR

Love is still in the air, even after Valentine’s Day, and we thought we’d take a second to celebrate the true love of an awesome couple: Alees Yvon and NAR. From L.A., these two beauties give us all the details about their relationship and show us the meaning of love 365 days of the year.
How did you guys first meet?
We would see each other at the same parties in LA for awhile, until last year when I moved to New York. During fashion week I saw her at the Alexander Wang party, so I went over to say hi and it was on from there.
Favorite thing about NAR?
The fact that she’s allBOY allGIRL 
Best thing NAR does in the bedroom?
Her kisses all over me
How many times have you been in love?
Let’s just say, never like this before.



How long have you guys been together?
About 6 months, but it feels like 4ever
Sexiest thing about Alees?
Her everything, eyes, lips, that ass ugh
Favorite things you guys do together?
Make music, skate, cook cute dinners & watch ‘The L Word’
Most romantic night you guys have spent together?
Every night is romantic to be honest, but especially one night we took molly alone at my house and had the most magical time ever.
How did you know you were in love?
When we would facetime all night and wake up to each other on the phone still.
Follow Alees here, and NAR here.
All photography by Dana Boulos. Follow her here.

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