Louis C.K. Has A Warning For Fans Regarding His New Show

Louis C.K., beloved comedian and director/actor/writer of “Louie” has issued a warning to fans: his new show, Horace and Pete, starring him (as Horace) opposite Steve Buscemi (as Pete) is not funny.

“I dunno what it is,” he wrote in an email to fans on Saturday. “It can be funny. And also not. Both. I believe that ‘funny’ works best in its natural habitat. Right in the jungle along with ‘awful,’ ‘sad,’ ‘confusing’ and ‘nothing.'”

The show, which takes place in a bar, and stars Alan Alda alongside guests like Jessica Lange, Aidy Bryant, Steven Wright, Kurt Metzger and Edie Falco, is available exclusively online on his website. Paul Simon wrote the theme song. The first episode costs $5, and Louie is sorry about it.

He posted: “So why the dirty fuckballs did I charge you five dollars for ‘Horace and Pete,’ where most TV shows you buy online are 3 dollars or less? Well, the dirty unmovable fact is that this show is fucking expensive…basically this is a hand-made, one guy paid for it version of a thing that is usually made by a giant corporation.”

Louis C.K. (whose real last name is Szekely) is paying for the series himself, writing, producing, directing, and now, obviously, distributing it independently of any television network. This comedian might have just become our new indie media crush.

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