This might be the lost Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber duet

Just when you think there’s nothing more for rabid fans to unearth from the top secret Jelena vault of goodies, some brave explorer unearths the holy grail.

On Friday the 24th, an audio track that seemed to be the Selena Gomez / Justin Bieber duet that never was got leaked on the internet for a hot second, before the powers that be were like, “not in my house,” and took it down.

And not to be that girl, but it’s pretty sad for a love song.

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The probably real deal song was uploaded with the title “Can’t Steal My Love,” which makes sense because those are pretty much the only words that come out of Selena’s mouth during the chorus.

“Can’t Steal My Love” was reportedly recorded in 2013/2014, right around the time when Jelena were on the rocks, but still trying to hold on because sandbox love never dies.

While pretty much everything that came out of Justin’s mouth on the track was unintelligible — go figure — Selena had the honor of singing these very choice lines, which say a lot about the state of their relationship at the time.

“I can’t seem to choose what to do / there’s nothing I can say / I’m tired of the fight ‘cause I’m never right / I just wanna cry, no.”


“I can’t seem to hide from the lies / I can’t discuss myself / I’ve built these walls so high that I can’t climb myself.”

Obviously “Can’t Steal My Love” seems to be about the lies that surround your relationship when you’re in a celebrity couple the public cares about. And obviously Selena’s response was to be sad while Justin’s was to drop off the edge of the world and get weird.

Well, it’s probably for the best that what’s in the past stays in the past.

RIP Jelena.

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[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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