Don’t Lose Your Manners, Grow A Backbone


Being assertive is not only a f*cking sexy character trait, but it really can advance your career and love life if you play your cards right. Sure, sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut in certain situations, but you’ll find that speaking your mind and stating what you want is a thousand times more rewarding. Especially in the bedroom.

 1. Speak Up

Is it f*cking hard to breathe when he’s choking you? Then say something. It’s as simple as that. Also- if there is something you’ve always wanted to try, let him know. Guys have a tough time reading us so if there’s something you love/hate then you have to be straight forward and upfront. Plus it’s hot when you address to a guy what you want and how you want it.

2. Make Eye Contact

Unless he has really deep emotional issues and can’t look into your eyes for sh*t, this is one of the hottest ways to get off for both you and him. Besides, having sex while eye f*cking him is the best feeling.

3. Body Language

This is everything. From posture to how you move your body, take some control. Confidence is easily radiated through the way you move. Trust me, no man wants to f*ck a hunchback.

4. Don’t F*cking Apologize

Maybe you’re trying to work an angle, you’re in the backseat of his car and elbow him in the face, your phone goes off, whatever the reason is, you should never apologize. Just do ya thang.

The bottom line is that assertive people will get ahead in life for the most part. And if you can’t be assertive in real life, it’s not your style or you still don’t know how, then at least test it out in the bedroom. Your next orgasm just might thank you.

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