Lorde’s New Single “Green Light” Is a Swiftian Breakup Anthem

Today’s the day millions of Lorde fans – or however many there are – have been waiting for.

Her new single “Green Light” dropped at 2 p.m. and listening to it, two things immediately became clear.

One, this is the most explicitly pop song Lorde’s ever made.

And two, Taylor Swift would definitely approve.

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One of the things Taylor Swift has always been good at is crafting anthemic break up songs that soar instead of swirl into a depressive mess of feelings on the floor.

Especially when she moved from Red to 1989.

No matter how heartbroken she may be, her music makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs.

Which makes sense perfect sense from a financial point of view.

Why write a song that makes people want to cry at home on the bedroom floor when you can write a song that makes them want to dance their sadness away?

This kind of sad girl dance tune is what “Green Light” is.

Lorde’s always flirted with this vibe, but her debut album was more restrained and indie.

You might bop to “Royals” in your apartment but DJs at the club probably weren’t going to play it at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night.

With “Green Light,” Lorde isn’t just announcing her return to pop music, she’s announcing she’s ready to throw down with the rest of the pop superstars of the world.

Like she said in “Royals”: “Let me be your ruler, you can call me Queen B… Let me live that fantasy.”

Watch it below:

Update: Lorde revealed in an interview on Apple’s Zane Lowe podcast that “Green Light” and her upcoming sophomore album Melodrama were all co-produced by Jack Antanoff, a known Taylor Swift collaborator.

So yeah, of course the song sounds like a T Swift record.

Thanks, Jackie boy.

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