Why You Need To Get Into HANA, Grimes & Lorde’s New Favorite Singer

To be honest, nobody knows a lot about HANA. Thanks to some genius reporting from MTV, we know she formerly went by the name Hana Pestle, that she’s been making music since she was a teenager in Montana, and that she used to be obsessed with John Mayer. To quote the then teenager, “if I could tour with him I could die and be happy.” Although to be fair, she did say this in 2008 – John Mayer may have just let his banana hammock hang out in that green-Borat thong, but none of us knew what a dick he would become. Sorry, Katy, but it’s true.

But back to Hana. While information on her is scare, what we do know it this: she creates beautifully sweet and simple pop music. Her debut single “Clay” made waves in the music blog circuit, not only because it was produced by Blood Diamonds, but because people like Lorde were calling it “too shimmering and beautiful for words.”


After a month of touring with Grimes as part of Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer Tour, HANA’s poised and ready to stop singing backup and take the pop world by storm.  And you know what that means: our girl made a music video.  Shot by Grimes and musician James Brooks,  the video shows HANA performing at empty sound checks and full-ass audiences, dancing around with the quirky confidence of somebody who’s been doing this for a long time.  HANA may new to the scene, but girl is ready to play.   Get ready to fall in love, y’all.



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