Looks Like Selena Gomez Has A New Boyfriend

So you know that throwback photo Justin Bieber posted to Instagram last week that seemed to be solid proof that he was rekindling things with Selena Gomez?  Yeah, well let’s just say there’s a reason why she hasn’t followed suit: girl has moved on and onto the next guy.

Maybe she’s just got a thing for blondes with vocal chords and teen appeal, but recently Selena Gomez has been spending a lot of quality time with Niall Horan from One Direction – you know, the guy in the group who looks like could be your little brother.

The two were first spotted together at what was supposedly a friendly dinner in Nobu a day after the American Music Awards, but on Friday night, after the two were spotted “dancing close together all night, kissing on the lips and hugging a lot” it kind of puts the whole ‘just friends’ thing into perspective.

Praise be to Channing Tatum to ensuring that both twenty-something-year-old love birds got the invite to his wife’s 35th birthday party. Or at least, we think it was Channing who did the inviting. After all, as any woman who’s seen either Magic Mike movie can tell you, he is the leading source of good in this world.


At this point, Selena remains “officially” single, having chosen not to comment on either her PDA with Niall or the fact that her ex is an attention-loving, social media whore who seems to have lost touch with reality. 

Either that or this is one big rouse on Selena’s part to make sure she’s making headlines on a bi-weekly basis.  Either way, it’s working Selena.  Keep up the good work.  

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