It Looks Like Kim K’s Snapchat Is Different From Ours

Kim’s Snapchat looks entirely different from the average user’s and we need answers.

On Sunday’s intense episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is observed taking videos for her Snapchat story. The footage is later incorporated into the episode featuring a countdown clock from 95 seconds down. Which is weird AF since Snapchat hasn’t had a countdown clock on stories in years.

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The snap, featured below from the Instagram user @kimksnapchats, is definitely a real snap from Kim Kardashian’s account. But what’s the explanation for the countdown clock in the episode?

Snaps sent between users do feature a square countdown clock but the one on the episode is circular, so even if they sent it to another account to be recorded it’s still weird AF. Also, saving it from another account would be unnecessary when they could just download them from Kim’s story. So I genuinely don’t think that’s the case.

It’s possible that the clock was added in post-production, which is proof that even normal everyday aspects of the reality show are heavily edited. I, however, am a Kardashian conspiracy theorist, and that answer simply doesn’t resonate with me. The KUWTK production team is so intentional. Why would they include inaccurate touches, like a clock that doesn’t actually exist, to the episode?

The theory that Kim Kardashian is a time traveler who found a way to use an older version of the app is one of my personal favorites, but if I can offer a more a realistic suggestion: Kim K has a different version of the app that counts down the time she records because she gets paid to Snapchat. This way, she knows exactly how many seconds she spent recording in that pay period.

Again, this is just a theory, but it’s pretty spot-on, right?

I mean, come on. The incorporation of Snap footage on the KUWTK episode, the way she announced that she would be snapping for the television audience, it totally gives off the impression that she’s promoting Snapchat intentionally. Multiple sources, including Mashable and Elite Daily, contacted the Kardashians for comment and were told there was no difference but it’s obviously different! And so, I remain a skeptic.

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