How To Look Hot at Work Despite the Dress Code

If you don’t work in a place that provides a uniform, you may be scratching your head when it comes to finding the line of “appropriate” and “cool” when dressing for work.

I know I went through a phase of flip-flops and hoodies when I first started working in an office, and then ended up going the route of bad cardigan sweater sets and slacks which is just horrible, sad and wrong.

Since your work wardrobe choices may be between that sheer bodycon dress you wore last weekend or wandering around a department store wondering wtf to do, we hit up one of our fave celeb stylists Drew Manares to save the day — and keep you from having an embarrassing fashion crisis moment like I did.

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Drew has styled for stars like Ian Harding and Norman Reedus, and his work has appeared in such fashion outlets like Harper’s Bazaar and YSL Beauty. Drew has some of the most amazing style, and has a pretty entertaining Insta story that you should prob check out…

“My personal style is very much gender fluid,” he tells Galore. “I wear a lot of women’s clothing but most people can’t often tell because I try to make it look somewhat masculine and androgynous. It’s FIERCE. FABULOUS AND FLAMBOYANT. If you eat up Vetements, Balenciaga, Gucci, Alexander Wang and then throw it all up in vomit — I would be that vomit.”

Lucky for all of us, Drew is here to serve up his secret tips on how to look chic while at work, so pay attention! Here are Drew’s rules, in his own words:

1. The Top Five Staples You Need For The Perf Work Outfit

These essentials would be: a fresh white button down shirt, black blazer, a fabulous pair of skinny jeans, and a good strappy open-toe black heel.

Or, if you haven’t gotten a pedicure, a pointy-toe black pump can be just as amazing.

Last but not least, get a chic black pencil skirt if you’re feeling flirty and bossy at the same damn time.

For killer button-downs and blazers, try Wildfang.

2. Two Go-To Suggestions When You Just Can’t

I’m kind of a basic bitch and I keep it classic but also, I serve a lot of attitude.

For me, a good high waisted skinny jean, a white t-shirt, chic black blazer and black pumps would be my obvious go-to. Or nothing like a good fitted matching pant suit with a cropped leg and chic pumps to make me feel a little bossyyyyy.

Find Amazing High-Waisted Jeans at: Good American.

For comfy and amazing white T-shirts, try Buck Mason.

Cropped Suits by Wildfang

3. Not Your Granny’s “Investment Pieces”

ALL THE YAASSSSS! Staples and basics are a must, they can live in your closet forever and you can always rotate them, and they are timeless!

4. Chic Store Recommendations to Keep You Fly

I fully am a Zara girl. Zara Zara Zara all day every day, it’s pretty much idiot proof and you can’t go wrong. Also, COS is so good, it’s wrong. Because I can blow all my money at COS.

Wrap Skirt from COS

5. Keepin’ It Classy on The Job

Keep it classy but still fun, fresh and fierce. For work, try and not show too much cleavage or too much leg but still style it out with fun statement necklaces or earrings — but never both at the same time.

A fun and funky print or color can really make your look pop if you’re feeling bold. Even though you can’t show too much skin, you can still add va-va-voom with a heel and turn these bitches out with a bomb ass heel.

For fab heels, check out Missguided.

6. Converting That Work Look From Day to Night

Honey, I love a good little black dress — office friendly of course — and just throw on a red lip and keep it going, boo.

For a good matte red lip, try Colourpop.

7. To Splurge or Not To Splurge

When it comes to trends, I keep it to shoes and accessories. My personal closet is very simple with all staple pieces and my trendier pieces are my sunglasses and my shoes.

8. The One “Must-Have” Staple Item

For Drewtiful, the one thing I absolutely cannot live without otherwise the whole entire essence of Drewtiful would be a complete lie, is a chic pair of pointed-toe, black, three-inch heeled booties. I LIVE FOR THEM AND WILL NOT GO WITHOUT THEM!!!

Get something similar at Nine West.


For More on Drew:

Instagram @Drewtifulll

Photo by Kevin Ipalari 


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