London’s Georgia Picks Up Where MIA, Radiohead and Kanye Left Off

Do you know Georgia? If not, why not? Are you an uncultured idiot who doesn’t give a shit about new amazing music from other countries? No? Then get on it. You also might be asking yourself, did MIA, Radiohead and Kanye go anywhere? (Yes, yes, and not really, but also fuck off.) Anyways, young (?) Brit Georgia who produces her own music, sings, and plays drums, and the end result sounds like Arca and Missy Elliot fucked and had a sweet musical baby. With 3 new songs released in the last two weeks, Georgia’s ready to migrate to America. Prepare your ears for the musical equivalent of the kick-ass Furiosa.

You need to come to Los Angeles and play a show. When is that happening?

Very soon. Its always been a dream of mine to play shows in LA and spend some time in the studio and hang out.

What’s your favorite Kanye West album?

That is such a hard question to answer because I love them all in their own right. He is such a massive influence on me and my music. I would have to say College Dropout, just because it was the sound of my teens. Albums are a lot like books, in that they evoke specific times in your life. And 2004, when that album came out, was such a formative year for me. I decided music was what I wanted to pursue and Kanye made me feel like anything was achievable! Thank you, Kanye.

I’ve read about your musical influences, and am interested in those as well, but I just watched the “Hard Lie This” video—who are your music video influences?

I would have to say a major influence was and still is Missy Elliot. I would always be so excited when the new Missy videos dropped. They were creative, cool and something off the planet! They presented her world , and it was one I wanted to be in.

How old are you? 

Age is of no concern to me. You’ll have to keep finding it out. Haha!

Is M.I.A an influence?

Yeah most definitely. When MIA came out, she was so fresh. Me and my mates were all excited by her sounds and image, and being from London, she resonated with us. She is such an important artist.

You’re rocking Adidas in the Systems video. Is fashion important to you? You definitely seem to have aesthetic that at least matches your sound. 

Fashion doesn’t really matter to much to me at the moment, however I do take an interest and appreciate a nice garment. I have to admit, I did recently purchase some bits from Commes Des Garçons.

How does being from England affect your music? 

I would more identify with being from London really. I definitely have more of a London sound.

Drake or Skepta?

I can’t say I prefer one or the other because I see them as two different artists. I love them both. But I would edge more to Skepta cause I’m a London girl.

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

I’ve been to a lot of shows already in my life, but if I had to say a really memorable show which could have been the best show ever, it would have to be seeing Radiohead back when they released Hail to the Thief play Earls Court. My mum took me and I was mind blown! The whole show was incredible, I remember feeling like, this is it! This is a band smashing it! They also played Creep and I was so inspired by Johnny Greenwood’s massive guitar sound filling up the stadium. I loved that my mum took me as well.

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