It Girls and Artsy Girls Face Off in London Zhiloh’s ‘Two Buns’ Trailer

This isn’t your typical clothing commercial.

Instagram star and designer London Zhiloh released a trailer for her new Two Buns by London Zhiloh line today, and it looks more like a mix between “Mean Girls” and “The Virgin Suicides” than a traditional ad.

It features two dueling groups of girlfriends at a high school, with a twist.

“It’s really focused on ‘it girls’ and ‘artsy girls’ — that’s the division,” London told Galore this week. “I wanted to make it a point to bridge that gap… I want to stop the intimidation.”

We all remember cliques like these feuding in high school. And as London points out, you can see the same thing happening on social media. There are glammed out it girls like London, and artsy girls who “post, like, photos of their nostrils and shit,” she said with a laugh.

Both types seem like they’d have nothing in common — but London says they have a lot to learn from each other.

“The artsy people are so free it intimidates people,” she said. “It intimidates people to be around someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them and they just are who they are. So many [artsy] girls are on Instagram right now and they have wild shit going on, they post their pimples all over their face, their armpits — just wild shit and I love it.”

London’s learned a lot from artsy girls that other people would call nerdy, she said. And as an Instagram it girl herself, she knows the pitfalls of social media popularity. Girls like London are known for posting only their most gorgeous selfies — which is intimidating in its own way and comes with downsides. For every perfect selfie someone like London posts, plenty of followers are forming unfortunate opinions of her.

“I get typecasted in a way,” she said. “Like I’m only good for being pretty. So I want to make sure people know I directed this [trailer], I came up with it. I can do other stuff besides taking selfies. Other girls can be empowered by that.”

In the trailer, the artsy girls and it girls are all decked out in Two Buns by London Zhiloh, named for her famous and often mimicked hairstyle. The collection is baseball-themed, just in time for opening day this spring. Available items range from a $10 keychain to an $89.95 jacket and a $120 jersey, and the whole thing’s available online now at

So when it comes to it girls vs. artsy girls, who wins? You’ll have to watch the clip to find out:


Directed by London Zhiloh, Creative Direction/Concept/Treatment by London Zhiloh, Hair by London Zhiloh + Kahh SpenceMakeup by Heidi P. & @glamorousmomentsProduced by @bomanix2


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