London Zhiloh’s Shows Us 7 Ways To Give Your Outfit A Sexy Attitude

Model and tastemaker London Zhiloh knows fashion. You may recognize her name from when Rihanna wore a tee from Zhiloh’s Gold clothing line. If Rihanna approves, so does the rest of the style community. That’s why we asked the fashionista herself to give us 7 tips on adding a bit of attitude to your sexiest outfits. Get inspired, below!

Jacket KYE; bra Zana Bayne; skirt Topshop

1. Leather + Sheer + Lace: Those are the fabrics that scream, “I’m hard to get, I’m going to pretend you have a chance.” Personally, I love to mix and match bedroom attire with leather—it feels like I’m making a statement without the words. You can never go wrong mixing a lace or silk garment with a heavy leather jacket to give you a little extra attitude.

2. Rocker Accessories: Adding a chic mesh oversized top or vintage rocker tees with skin tight black denim is always an easy way to give a daring look. Pairing your fit with a sloppy bun, dainty earrings and a smokey eye creates that bad girl aesthetic.

3. All Black: It’s alluring, flattering and timeless no matter what shape you are. Dress how you feel! Typically wearing all black indicates a sad mood, but when I wear it I always feel in the greatest of spirits because I’m comfortable. This color is the ultimate go to when you’re in wardrobe doubt.

4. Try New Hairstyles: Never be afraid to try new hairstyles, even if you feel insecure about it. One of the most important things I’ve learned in my journey is to always trust myself. In this age, we can easily get caught up in perceptions and somebody’s opinion could be the reason why we choose not to challenge ourselves. I’m never afraid to wear different colored wigs or try new creative hairstyles, whether it’s for a photoshoot or because that’s just how I feel like leaving my house. Try something new so you can reach new style potential.

5. Be Innovative With Your Make Up: Bad girls always find new ways to make their natural beauty stand out. You could never go wrong dramatizing your make up with a bold smokey eye and nude lip, or winged eyeliner and no eyeshadow, or even no eye makeup and a deep red lip color.

6. Sexy Shoes: When it comes to shoes, you have to decide whether you want to go the tough or sexy route. My idea of sexy varies. When I’m wearing combat boots or casual unisex sneakers I feel bad ass, but a stiletto shoe definitely adds a sleekness to your outfit. The higher the better, just make sure you’re able to walk in them.

7. Last But Not Least, CONFIDENCE: Always try new things! Never worry about what’s trending because you are the trend. Pave the way! Find your trademark and own it. Be comfortable with your sex appeal and seduce tastefully. When you’re getting dressed, remember bad girls never ask for compliments. Be daring, but also remember to leave a little mystery. There’s no need to prove anything to people.

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bodysuit  Topshop; belt Zana Bayne
bodysuit  Topshop; belt Zana Bayne
tshirt Topshop; harness Zana Bayne; jeans Vintage; sneakers NIKE
tshirt Topshop; harness Zana Bayne; jeans Vintage
jacket Schott NYC; bra and garter Fleur du Mal; jeans Topshop
jacket Schott NYC; bra and garter Fleur du Mal; jeans Topshop; sunglasses Vintage
bra and underwear Cosabella; fox jacket Vintage

Photography by Amber Asaly

Styling by Rose Garcia

Hair and Makeup by Sage White

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