LFW Lessons: Wear Fringe Without Looking Like A Cowboy

Fringe is one of the trends we are feeling this fashion month. It reminds us of Stevie Nicks, the Wild Wild West, and all around cuteness. There’s nothing sexier than a flash of skin peeking through as a waterfall of fringe swooshes around perfectly sculpted limbs. That’s why we shed a tear every time a well-intentioned fringe outfit strays into cowboy territory. There’s a time and place for cowboys (shirtless dudes on horseback and Halloween come to mind), but for day to day life? We’d rather not think about it. Obviously, the designers at Burberry Prorsum felt the same way, and decided to give girls and guys everywhere a lesson in wearing good old fringe. The secret key seems to be to offset the fringe: wear it with some jewels or tone it down by pairing with some super sleek pieces. If you can’t resist wearing a full on fringe dress with fringe ankle boots, just be sure to show enough skin to keep it sexy! For your outfit inspiration, here are the fringe-tastic looks from the Burberry Prorsum runway.








All Images- Style.com

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